Brain Wellness® applied to your company

Lifestyle Assessment

You can monitor the correlation between lifestyle and performance at work with the biofeedback sensor.


Along with your team you will learn to cope with prolonged situations of stress with the meditation pathways in audio guide format.

Cognitive Training

Use these exercises to improve the executive functions linked to personal and professional success.

Fields of application:
where neuroscience generates value

Learn about the many ways in which neuroscience can help you improve your life and your work.

From architecture to sports, from human resources to product innovation, here are some of the sectors in which Neocogita offers its consultancy services. Contact us for more information on our research programmes applied to your sector.

Brain Wellness® training sessions
even on smartphone

Training your brain is now easier than ever!

Discover the first platform dedicated to Brain Wellness, Neocogita’s mind training programme: your collaborators can access the guided sessions directly on the website or via our mobile app. At the end of the pathway, everyone gets an assessment of his progress.

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Neuroscience can be applied to an infinite number of fields.

If you think that the applied research of Neocogita can contribute to enhancing your business, or if you are simply interested in our work, please get in touch with us. By combining our efforts with yours, we can understand how best to work together.

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