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by Giulia Malfatti, PhD Individual’s cognitive abilities determine their productivity in the workplace, their clarity and mental presence that are necessary to fulfill responsibility position. […]

With the rapid growth of the nootropic industry, more and more companies are developing new nootropic supplements for improving cognitive performance, sleep, and overall health. […]

Neuroscience is a key factor in innovation projects: taking into account human physiological and neurological aspects is extremely important when designing new products, spaces, educational […]

Begin with awareness and measurement of physiological parameters to assess your lifestyle and increase well-being   A highly accurate wearable sensor, a 72-hour monitoring of […]

How do the concepts of Burnout and Mindfulness relate to each other? Find out how mindfulness meditation can be effective on symptoms or disorders related […]

How can we find time for mindfulness, with all the tasks that occupy our days? We have already talked about the benefits of a constant […]

Emotions: daily challenges and role for our health Modern life is full of emotional challenges. The pressure to succeed, the need to “keep up”, the […]

As you read this article, your brain will most likely begin to send you familiar messages that will distract you. Did I receive new emails […]

Do you forget things when you are under stress? For example, you don’t remember where you left the car keys when you are late for […]

  Mindfulness meditation helps leaders develop emotional self-control: but what is this and how does it contribute to a better leadership style?   Besides reducing […]

Here at Neocogita we are focused on providing companies with services and strategies to help people perform at a high level. These strategies also help […]

To be successful at any level of an organization, a leader should have many different skills, but one is fundamental: emotional intelligence. But what it is? […]

Think positive: it’s easy to give such an advice, but are we really able to do that? If you’ve ever found yourself trapped in a […]

It might be the most common myth about our brain. It is not certain how this falsehood began, but it has been strengthened over the […]

Did you know that to the ancient Egyptians, cinnamon was worth more than gold? That’s because cinnamon was long believed to have healthful and medicinal […]

A new study conducted by researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas found that engaging in a physical exercise […]

Neuroscientific studies provide some interesting confirmations with respect to different behaviours and attitudes that characterize the differences in male and female and we often happen […]

Though meditation is an incredibly old tradition, neuroscientists have only recently begun to deeply analyse the changes in brain structure as effect of meditation. Like […]