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Brain Wellness

Boosting mental capital and nervous-system related wellbeing thanks to brain plasticity

How is wellness related to our brain? Can we improve our wellbeing by increasing the potential of our internal resources?
Individuals and organizations are nowadays facing new challenges.


Sport Peak Performance

Managing cognitive resources to optimize your results

The basic neuroscientific mechanism that supports mental training is brain plasticity. Neuroscience demonstrates that the brain is a highly plastic organ that changes according to the activities it performs.

As physical training changes your body, a training on memory, attention and perception, a harmonious control of emotion and the ability to manage stress gradually lead to structural changes in the brain. This contributes also to a significant improvement in an athlete’s sport performance, while bringing to a general mental wellbeing.



The built environment influences our perceptions, emotions, interactions, therefore our personalities. These are all processes finding their ultimate substratum in our nervous system, and so far architects could only intuit these mechanisms. Now Neuroscience has found the connection between our daily experience to multi-sensorial perceptions and is beginning to discover the way in which they are transformed into emotions, empathy and complex behaviors. 

What is the reason why symmetrical figures are pleasant, what is the mechanism that makes us ecstatic when admiring a piece of art, how come a certain shade of light makes us more likely to socialize or to isolate ourselves? There are many questions of architectural interest to which neuroscience begins to give answers, but many are those that do not have an explanation.