With the Brain Wellnes® platform, brain does training even on smartphone

Neocogita has created the first platform dedicated to Brain Wellness®.

Now your collaborators can follow our mind training pathways directly on the website or via our mobile app.
You will see that training with the Brain Wellness® platform is really easy. Everyone gets access to guided sessions, pre and post training tests, and to the final assessment of your progress.

All the exercises are validated on a neuroscientific basis.

Nicola De Pisapia

“With the Brain Wellness® platform, we wanted to make the Brain Wellness pathways developed by Neocogita for mind training even more accessible.
In particular, the platform provides technological support to the scientific protocols that underlie the entire range of activities.”

It has been proven that our brain is a very flexible organ that improves or deteriorates according to how much we exercise it. Furthermore, contrary to what we use­d to think, this mental flexibility is a lifelong ability.

So we asked ourselves – why not use this discovery to improve the well-being of people through mental training? The Brain Wellness® programme was born precisely to encourage the practice of mind training with a neuroscientific basis through training sessions that increase ment­al efficiency and make us perform better.

The Brain Wellness® platform is constantly updated. In addition to the pathways shown below, there will soon be new activities for your team’s personal and professional improvement.

Here are the first pathways
already available on the platform

Cognitive Training does prepare
for success

What is it?

Cognitive Training is a programme of exercises to train the intellectual skills linked to personal and professional success, such as concentration, attention, working memory and mental acuity.


With these exercises, your collaborators improve your decision-making processes, abandon negative automatisms and perform better at work.

Mindfulness meditation in audio
guide format

What is it?

Mindfulness is a meditation pathway in audio guide format that centres on relaxation and focusing techniques: concentrate on breathing, maintain an attitude of aware observation of thoughts, accepting them as they manifest.


Your collaborators learn cope with prolonged situations of stress as a result of resilience. Anxiety levels fall, attention increases and your mood improves.

How the platform works

Pre and post assessment tests

The psychological-social questionnaires and the cognitive tests are asked to complete at the beginning and the end of the pathway are needed to assess the effectiveness of the intervention and your team’s progress.

Training days

The Brain Wellness® platform automatically assigns the activities to complete according to the scientific protocol adopted by Neocogita. It will take about 20 minutes a day to complete the exercises.

Individual and group reports

At the end of the pathway, every participant gets an individual report with a summary of the activities performed and the difference between the pre and post assessment tests. The company will receive a group report, with the aggregated results in anonymous form of all participants.

Company Admin

If in the company you are responsible for the training project, then you can monitor the partecipants progress status.

The Brain Wellness® platform is available on

Personal and professional success is
within hand’s reach

Do not miss out on the chance to test Brain Wellness® directly on smartphone.

All the exercises to increase brain efficiency and work performance are based on neuroscientific protocols.

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