BrainHQ Enterprise: for your cognitive fitness.

Up until fifty years ago, going to the gym was not such a common occurrence. Today, however, almost everyone subscribes to a gym or at least finds ways to work out their bodies. That’s because between the 1980s and the 1990s, we realized how important exercise is to our health and well-being.

Brain Fitness is the next step in this revolution. In the same way you can exercise your abs, deltoids and quads, you can exercise your memory, attention and more.

Just as physical training can enhance the performance of our bodies, cognitive training can enhance the performance of our brains.

This brings with it an increase in personal and business performance and productivity.

BrainHQ enterprise is currently the best cognitive training program. Developed by a team of neuroscientists, it consists of exercises that bring real and lasting benefits in the structure and function of the brain.

In addition to individual exercises, you can also take advantage of specific courses specifically designed to improve certain skills (e.g. train social skills, drive safely, etc.).

BrainHQ Exercises

Exercises for attention

Can’t focus on a job when you’re in the office and your colleague is talking on the phone? You probably can’t properly filter out distractions. Cognitive Training exercises for attention are structured to help re-educate your brain to focus your attention, so you become more aware and less distracted.

Divided attention

Observe 2 figures and determine whether or not they meet certain criteria

Target tracker

Keep track of moving objects

Double decision

Indicate the type of vehicle displayed and where the “Route 66” sign appears

Mixed signals

Indicate whether what you hear corresponds to what you see according to certain criteria

Freeze frame

Press the space bar when the images appear, but not when the target image appears

Exercises for brain speed

When it comes to brain speed, every millisecond counts. The speed at which your brain can process events around you determines how efficiently you can process them and react appropriately to them. Exercises that train your reaction time can help you work quickly, completing your goals on time.

Hawk eye

Identify the bird that is different from the others.

Visual sweeps

Observe two images made of lines and shadows and determine if they are moving inward or outward.

Sound sweeps

Listen to two sounds and determine if the individual sounds are “high” or “low.”

Eye for detail

Indicate the positions of objects that are identical to each other

Fine tuning

Discriminate between two similar syllables

Exercises for memory

Do you often forget meetings and deadlines? Memories are made up of what you perceive. If your memory is malfunctioning, it’s because your brain is not processing information properly. BrainHQ memory exercises for memory can sharpen your brain’s ability to record what you see and hear so that you can create a clear, easy-to-remember mnemonic track.

To-Do list training

Listen to a set of instructions, remember them, and click on the pictures in the correct order

Memory grid

Click on the tiles, listen to the sounds and match tiles with matching sounds

Syllable stacks

Listen to a series of sounds and click on them in the order heard

Scene Crasher

Identify the object present in the second scene but not in the first one.

Rhythm recall

Repeat the rhythm of the notes you hear by pressing the keys on the keyboard

Mind’s eye

Remember what you see by ignoring distractors

Hear, hear

Remember for the entire session a sound heard at the beginning

Exercises for people skills (social abilities)

Do you have a tendency to forget the names of customers you meet for the first time? Do you struggle when you have to converse in noisy places? Are you unable to understand your colleagues’ emotions? Despite the difficulties they bring with them, these skills are crucial in both your personal and professional life. Social skills exercises will increase your chances of success.!


Observe a face on the screen and recognize it among those shown later.

In the know

Listen to a conversation and answer questions based on overheard details

Face to face

Observe a face and determine its expression/emotion

Face facts

Observe people and read stories about them

Exercises for intelligence

As most people get older, they get wiser, but certain complex thoughts become more difficult. That’s when solving a sudden problem that takes thirty minutes in your twenties can take twice as long in your fifties. When you have to handle a lot of information quickly, you become slower and get frustrated. With BrainHQ exercises for intelligence you can improve this skill and feel on top of your game.

Card shark

Remember sequences of visual information

Juggle factor

Reconstruct a sequence of numbers in the correct positions

Auditory ace

Remember sequences of auditory information

Mind bender

Answer correctly according to the rules

Exercises for navigation

To be comfortable with new experiences you need to be able to navigate the world with confidence. Whether it’s finding a new restaurant, quickly finding your way around a large company, understanding how the subway works in a new city, a good sense of direction can help you live with less stress.

Right turn

Rotate the images with your mind and see if they match or are mirror images

True north

Listen to a set of instructions.Take the trains in the directions heard

Mental map

Remember the position of objects and reconstruct the initial scene after the reference grid has been rotated, shifted or reversed

Optic flow

Quickly distinguish objects that appear on the screen, remembering a target vehicle and possible obstacles

BrainHQ can improve the performance of your work team, can enhance the mental agility of your clients, can support brain plasticity, and more generally can empower the cognitive abilities of anyone who uses it consistently.

BrainHQ Use Cases

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Clinics

Cognitive training is a tool used with great effectiveness in the neurocognitive rehabilitation of certain areas of the brain following deficits acquired due to brain injury or sudden diseases (e.g. stroke). BrainHQ exercises cover a wide range of cognitive functions and thus ensure the rehabilitation of different skills and competences.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies can use BrainHQ for both life and auto insurance policies. Training the brain leads to a reduction in age-related physiological cognitive decline, keeping people cognitively young. The BrainHQ suite also contains a specialized course to train and re-train cognitive abilities related to driving. The increase in the useful field of view that is achieved through these course, in example, dramatically reduces the likelihood of causing traffic accidents.

Corporate wellness

A person who is alert, fast, has a good memory and good social skills is an extremely productive and high performing person. Companies that choose BrainHQ for their teams can observe an increase in business productivity and consequently an increase in profits.

Third-party platform integration projects

BrainHQ can be integrated (via API) into third-party platforms or apps to add value to existing tools (such as business apps, fitness apps, health apps, and so on).

Tra tutti gli esercizi che dicono di migliorare la salute del cervello, è difficile trovare quali funzionano davvero. Posit Science, tuttavia, può affermare di avere i migliori esercizi sul mercato. Molti degli esercizi di allenamento mentale di BrainHQ, infatti, sono stati sottoposti a sperimentazione clinica approfondita ed i risultati sono stati pubblicati in importanti riviste.

Ecco in cosa si distingue BrainHQ:

Clinical trials

Dozens of randomized controlled trials published in prestigious journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association show that Posit Science’s cognitive training exercises are indeed effective. These studies didn’t look at other companies’ products or at “staying active” in general, but looked directly at Posit Science’s technologies, demonstrating that these exercises perceptibly speed up and refine the brain. Of all the companies selling cognitive training products, few have undertaken clinical trials and, to date, no other company has undergone this type of multiple, independent study. Another important aspect is that these exercises do not just improve the ability to perform the exercise.

Rather, they “generalize,” meaning they provide cognitive improvements that go beyond pure exercise. This means you think faster, focus better, and remember more in your everyday life. Learn more about the study results.

An innovative approach

Posit Science has a revolutionary approach to brain fitness. Its exercises do not focus on pure memory or teaching compensation tips. On the contrary, most of them are aimed at improving memory and thinking from the roots, from the brain’s ability to absorb information that the senses perceive.

A scientific team

Posit Science collaborates with more than 50 physicians and scientists from the most prestigious universities, such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and other leading institutions to structure and verify the exercises.