Fields of application: where neuroscience generates value

Learn about the many ways in which neuroscience
can help you improve your life and your work.

From architecture to sports, from human resources to product innovation, here are some of the sectors in which Neocogita offers its consultancy services. Contact us for more information on our research programmes applied to your sector.

For product innovation

Are you planning on completing an innovative project? We can support the Research&Development department in your company, providing you with our best resources in the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology.

For human resources

In any company like your own, two of the main pillars are leadership and organisation. This is why knowing how the brain works in scientific terms can help you prepare training pathways and exercises with high added value on subjects such as mental capital, well-being and stress management.

For active ageing

After the age of 65, the risk of contracting neurological diseases and developing senile dementia increases exponentially. However, studies show that specific mind training activities delay mental ageing, confirming that the brain can improve even at an advanced age.

In architecture

Have you ever thought about how the environment in which we live influences our wellbeing and our mental capacities? While for architects this is an intuition, for neuroscientistss this is a consequence of the functioning of the nervous system, which translates multisensorial perceptions into emotions, empathy and complex behaviors.

In sports

If you practise sports, you know this already: when physical training is at its peak, it is mental abilities that can make the difference. Learning to manage stress and to control emotions is as essential as strengthening the body.

Case history

These are the success stories of some of the companies
that have chosen to rely on our consultancy.

Nu Relax is the first applied philosophy that combines wellness and neuroscience.

This new approach – the result of the collaboration between Neocogita and the company that produced SPA Starpool – is destined to re-define the very concept of well-being. Starting with the dedicated app.
The Nu Relax App proposes six pathways in audio guide format offering the main relaxation and focusing techniques built on neuroscientific foundations.
Just download the app and you can relax anywhere, at any time. It is also present on every ZEROBODY bed – you can try them both in Starpool spas.

ZEROBODY is a dry floatation bed created by Starpool, the company that designs and builds spas and wellness centres.

With the heated water mattress, ZEROBODY offers the benefits of floating in a traditional pool without the inconvenience of getting wet.
Neocogita has carried out an experiment on behalf of Starpool with the aim of assessing its effects on well-being. The results showed that ZEROBODY contributes to reducing anxiety levels and increasing the feeling of relaxation and well-being more than traditional relaxation beds.

Every bed comes with Nu Relax, the app with audio guides for meditation developed by Neocogita based on neuroscientific foundations. Floating without gravity removes the weight of the body and enhances the effect of the meditation pathways.

Effective Light is an innovative research project based on smart lights for work settings. It has been developed by Rotaliana with the help of Neocogita, which supplied the company with neuroscientific consultancy.

Effective Light uses some of the most advanced technological instruments of the Internet of Things, and applies them to a series of recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience.
The aim is to create a lighting system that is not just human-centred, but also effective in terms of human performance. Taking into account the environmental situation and the activities the user is carrying out, modulations in light act directly on the person’s psychophysical conditions in order to optimise them.

X-Pro: The first RoboHub based on customer neurocognitive profiling.

Cognitive neuroscience is playing an increasingly important role in the field of finance. The new scientific discipline that goes under the name of behavioural finance, is able to explain how the behaviour of financial intermediaries can be influenced by the so-called “cognitive bias”, i. e. errors affecting the decision-making process.

CFO Solutions’ quantitative analysis and compliance managers and Neocogita’s academics dealing with neuroscientific and psychometric models have therefore completed an innovative method of customer profiling based on validated metrics and models, in compliance with the new regulatory requirements. This method is available for advisory and financial intermediaries (banks, asset management companies, SIMs, insurance companies), as well as consulting companies.

This is how the X-Pro startup was born, with its unique and innovative system that identifies the best financial strategies on the basis of a neurocognitive profiling of the customer.