Brain Wellness® applied to your company

Lifestyle Assessment

You can monitor the correlation between lifestyle and performance at work with the biofeedback sensor.


Along with your team you will learn to cope with prolonged situations of stress with the meditation pathways in audio guide format.

Cognitive Training

Use these exercises to improve the executive functions linked to personal and professional success.

Did you know that your brain improves or deteriorates according to how much you exercise it?

The reason lies in the plasticity of the brain, i.e. the ability of this organ to reorganise itself in response to change. The brain has been shown to maintain this flexibility for life (and not just during childhood), contrary to what scientists believed until a short while ago.

This discovery can be used to enhance your company’s human resources.

Based on this evidence, Neocogita has extended to the cognitive field that which has been happening for years in the world of physical fitness.

Learn about Brain Wellness®, the mind training programme that Neocogita has developed to increase personal and professional performance. All the protocols are scientifically validated.

Lifestyle Assessment

Do you want to reduce corporate costs linked to stress and illness? You can finally monitor the correlation between lifestyles and performance with our biofeedback sensor.


Along with your team you will learn to cope with prolonged situations of stress, maintaining a healthy mental and physical response. Our meditation pathways in audio guide format are centred on relaxation and focusing techniques.

Cognitive Training

Concentration, mental acuity, flexibility – with Cognitive Training exercises, you can improve the executive functions connected to work performance and to your and your collaborators’ personal success.

The tailored programme
to empower human resources

Imagine a coaching activity for your company that brings out the talent and all the potential of your collaborators.

The NeuroEmpowerment program pairs the higher training, the data-driven coaching  with the Brain Wellness® of Neocogita.
The resulting combination is one of a kind.

Brain Wellness® training sessions
even on smartphone

Training your brain is now easier than ever!

With the first platform dedicated to Brain Wellness®, your collaborators can experience the Neocogita pathways for mind training directly on the website or via our mobile app: at the end of the pathway, everyone gets an assessment of his progress.