Cognitive Training prepares to success

Concentration, mental acuity and flexibility affect work performance and, in general, personal success: do you want to know how to improve them?

Decades of scientific research on the brain have shown that some exercises strengthen these functions. This is how our programme for Cognitive Training was born: your collaborators learn to abandon all negative automatisms and make their decisional processes more effective.

How it works

The Neocogita Cognitive Training pathways are targeted and adaptive exercises to be carried out on a computer, in order to improve attention levels and intellectual skills.

All training exercises are the result of years of research, and have been developed by Neocogita based on scientific protocols.


Along with your collaborators you will learn to act quickly, to make decisions more effectively and to manage work groups better. The Cognitive Training exercises designed by Neocogita act on the executive functions directly linked to work performance and personal success, i.e.

Working memory

The capacity to remember and process information in the short term

Cognitivo training

Allows to adjust behavioural and cognitive control


When an action is blocked for a very precise strategic purpose


The ability to switch rapidly from one concept to another or to reason on multiple concepts at the same time

Mental acuity

The speed in processing motor, perceptive and executive information


Allows to define the optimal set of actions to achieve an objective

Request the Cognitive
Training programme

giorgio-casoni-neocogitaGiorgio Casoni

With Neocogita’s Cognitive Training exercises, you are about to discover how to improve your team’s decision-making processes and therefore to perform better at work and in life. Results are guaranteed – the programme is neuroscientifically validated.

With the Brain Wellness® platform
you can propose to your team the Cognitive Training exercises even on smartphone

Training your brain is now easier than ever!

Neocogita has created the first platform dedicated entirely to Brain Wellness®. Each one of your collaborators can follow the Cognitive Training pathways – together with the other Neocogita programmes – directly on the web site or via our mobile app.

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