Lifestyle Assessment to monitor
lifestyle habits

Well-being at work starts with people. Neocogita’s Lifestyle Assessment is a biofeedback sensor that provides an evaluation of lifestyle quality for you and your collaborators, and correlates it to wellness and performance. 

Once the overload factors have been identified, the aim is to find customised solutions to reduce costs linked to stress and illness, and feel more energetic and focused at work.

How it works

By measuring the heart rate in a 24-hour period, the biofeedback sensor records a number of physiological parameters, such as

  • stressful events
  • the quantity and quality of rest during night and day
  • physical exercise and its effects on health improvement

The Lifestyle Assessment service can be set up for one person or for small groups with up to 15 participants.


The data recorded by the sensor is returned as a report during an individual interview with a Neocogita expert. In addition to an objective assessment of lifestyle, the system also provides a number of customised tips to:

  • manage stress
  • gain the most from rest periods
  • exercise at the right intensity

Request the Lifestyle Assessment service

giorgio-casoni-neocogitaGiorgio Casoni

The Neocogita Lifestyle Assessment service allows you to choose between the formula for one person and the one for small groups with no more than 15 participants.

Results are guaranteed – the protocol is neuroscientifically validated.