Mindfulness meditation in audio guide format

Are you ready to reach a new level of awareness with your team?
These relaxation and focusing techniques are the result of ancient contemplation traditions and the most recent neuroscientific experiments.

Set aside distractions, abandon stress and allow yourself to be led by our meditation pathways in audio guide format. You and your team will learn to cope with prolonged situations of tension and maintain a healthy mental and physical response.

How it works

As we grow, everyone of us does unlearn how to live in the moment. Mindfulness does help to refocus on the present experience. Just concentrate on breathing and maintain an attitude in which you observe thoughts with awareness, accepting them as they manifest.

The meditation sessions offered by the Neocogita Mindfulness programme are based on protocols validated by neuroscientific research and extensively tested to establish their effectiveness.


The short-term response to stress is physiological, but the ability to cope with stress for long periods of time must be trained.
This is the purpose of Mindfulness – it makes us more aware of your mental and physiological responses and helps develop resilience, i.e. the capacity to rapidly return to a balanced state despite negative external impacts.

This is why understanding and accepting one’s emotional experience contributes to a general feeling of well-being:

  • The level of mental alertness and focus grows
  • Emotional intelligence and the ability to adjust emotions improve
  • Brain functions and the immune system improve
  • Mood improves
  • Self-control increases

Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce the tendency to mull over things (continuous internal whispering that has a negative impact on performance because it prevents the fulfilment of one’s full potential).

Request the Mindfulness pathway

giorgio-casoni-neocogitaGiorgio Casoni

With Neocogita’s Mindfulness pathway, you are about to discover how to help your team react positively to prolonged stressful situations using relaxation and focusing techniques.

Results are guaranteed – the protocol is neuroscientifically validated.

With the Brain Wellness® platform
you can propose to your team the Mindfulness exercises even on smartphone

Training your brain is now easier than ever!

Neocogita has created the first platform dedicated entirely to Brain Wellness®. Your collaborators can follow the Mindfulness pathways – together with the other Neocogita programmes – directly on the web site or via our mobile app.

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