Here at Neocogita we are focused on providing companies with services and strategies to help people perform at a high level. These strategies also help balance our busy lives better, manage daily challenges, and have enough energy to enjoy life.

This is obviously not as easy as it sounds. The equation is particularly tricky because the challenges that we face are so different – and our bodies and our minds respond to stress, physical or mental load, and life’s ups and downs in very different, unique ways.


The good news, though, is that we found methods and solutions based on scientific evidence and protocols that support the pursuit for a better work-life balance. This is the case, for example, of the Lifestyle Assessment, an evaluation with a biofeedback wearable sensor measuring heart rate variability to find our stress reactions, physical activity, and the amount and quality of our recovery.

Being aware of our stress and what activites cause stress the most is a very powerful tool to improve our performance and our well-being.





With the Lifestyle Assessment, you can view how our daily activities affect our well-being by monitoring your heart rate variability for 3 days. You will then receive a report and feedback from a wellness specialist who will suggest you tactics and activities to improve recovery, boost resilience and perform better. We cannot prevent stress, but we can find ways to be better prepared, to cope better and increase recovery.


Find out more about our Lifestyle Assessment or contact us if you want your company to try it!