With the rapid growth of the nootropic industry, more and more companies are developing new nootropic supplements for improving cognitive performance, sleep, and overall health.

The nootropics

As it happens in all new industries during a growth stage, there is a vast lack of understanding of the industry and products. We also lack scientific data, and until now, this industry has not been legally regulated.


The entry to the market is wide open to everyone: from great start-ups that are trying to develop disruptive products, big pharmaceutical firms that seek new opportunities, all the way to other companies that mainly see this market as a considerable chance for financial success.

The result of such mix brand portfolio is already seen on the market: you can easily count hundreds (or even thousands) of new nootropic supplements on the market. Some of them are objectively outstanding supplements, but the majority are either copy-cats, ineffective, or potentially risky supplements.


Due to the lack of scientific testing, it’s practically impossible for an average person to identify the safest and most effective nootropic supplements.


Neocogita & Your Inception

That is why Neocogita and Your Inception decided to join forces and develop effective scientific testing using the Neocogita Brain Wellness platform.


The experimental testing will focus on different aspects of cognitive performance and will be used for two primary reasons:


  1. To see which nootropic supplements provide statistically significant results
  2. To find out which supplements are the most effective among the whole specter of tested supplements


We are in the initial stage of measuring the effectiveness of nootropic supplements. But as we gather more data, optimize the testing procedure, and come up with the baseline standards, we expect to significantly influence the nootropic industry.


Therefore, it will be easier to help consumers make the right decisions based on scientific data.


And by doing that, it will be harder for potentially scammy companies or risky supplements to join the market.


For more information about Neocogita, click here: https://neocogita.com/about-us/?lang=en

For more information about nootropics, click here: https://www.yourinception.com/