NeuroEmpowerment: the corporate programme to empower human resources

Have you ever thought about neuroscience-based business coaching?

Neocogita, thanks to a team of neuroscientists, has developed an original approach that combines its digital platform with mindfulness coaching and cognitive training activities in physical or virtual presence.

NeuroEmpowerment is a programme for personal empowerment that integrates neuroscience, technology, learning design and coaching

By implementing a series of neurocognitive changes, NeuroEmpowerment increases corporate wellbeing and improves the performance of your employees.

The innovative combination in a synergetic team of neuroscientists, coaches, trainers and IT experts: together we can help your company express its talents and potential to the full through the design of multimodal environments, the use of digital tools and the realisation of ad hoc training interventions.


Interactive neuroscientific workshop on the topics of mindfulness, stress, executive functions and the brain


Training on a web platform or mobile app for about 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 4/5 weeks.


One group meeting per week with coaches specialised in corporate training. The coaches are certified in teaching mindfulness protocols and experts in cognitive training.

The first neuroscience-based coaching activity


Giorgio Casoni

“Increasingly, neuroscience will be able to provide useful intervention tools to improve the productivity of human resources.”

These companies have already experienced the NeuroEmpowerment programme

Prysmian Group

The cognitive, emotional and relational development of your employees depends on you

For your company, choose the solution that only Neocogita can offer you:
by applying Brain Wellness™ to training for the
first time, NeuroEmpowerment is the only neuroscience-based coaching activity.

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