Success case

Some success stories of client companies that have chosen to rely on our neuroscientific consultancy.

Nu Relax is the first applied philosophy combining wellness and neuroscience.

Resulting from the collaboration between Neocogita and the SPA manufacturer Starpool, this new approach is set to redefine the very concept of wellness. Starting with the dedicated App.
The Nu Relax App, in fact, proposes six audio-guided paths with the main relaxation and focusing techniques on a neuroscientific basis.
Just download the app and you can relax anywhere and at any time. What’s more, it is standard on every ZEROBODY lounger: you can try them both in Starpool SPAs.

ZEROBODY is the dry floating experience lounger designed by the SPA manufacturer Starpool.

Thanks to its heated water mattress, ZEROBODY offers the benefits of floating in an immersion bath, but without the discomfort of getting wet.
Neocogita conducted an experiment on behalf of Starpool with the aim of evaluating its effects on wellbeing, demonstrating that ZEROBODY helps to reduce anxiety levels and increase the feeling of wellbeing and relaxation to a greater extent than traditional relaxation loungers.
Each lounger also comes as standard with Nu Relax, the app with audio guides for meditation developed by Neocogita on a neuroscientific basis: floating in weightlessness, body weight is cancelled out and the effect of the meditative paths is amplified.

Effective Light is an innovative research project of intelligent lights developed by Rotaliana in cooperation with Neocogita, which provided the company with a neuroscientific consulting service.

Effective Light exploits some of the most advanced technological tools of the Internet of Things and recent advances in neuroscience to create an ‘intelligent’ and ‘human centric’ lighting system.
Light modulations act on the user’s psychophysical conditions in order to optimise them and thus improve their performance with respect to different activities and environmental situations.

X-Pro: the first RoboHub based on neurocognitive customer profiling.

Cognitive neuroscience is now also playing an increasingly important role in the field of finance. The new scientific discipline that goes by the name of behavioural finance is in fact able to explain how the behaviour of financial intermediaries can be influenced by so-called ‘cognitive biases’, errors that adversely affect the decision-making process.
CFO Solutions’ quantitative analysis and compliance managers and Neocogita’s neuroscientific and psychometric modelling academics have therefore completed an innovative client profiling method based on validated metrics and models, consistent with the new regulatory requirements. This method is available in advisory to financial intermediaries (banks, SGRs, SIMs, insurance companies), as well as to consultancy firms.
Thus was born the start-up X-Pro with its unique and innovative system that identifies the best financial strategies on the basis of neurocognitive client profiling.

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