Mindfulness meditation in audio guides

Are you ready to reach a new level of awareness together with your team?
These relaxation and focusing techniques are the result of ancient contemplative traditions and the latest neuroscientific experiments.

Put distractions aside, abandon stress, and let our meditation audio-guides lead you: you and your employees will learn to tolerate prolonged situations of stress while maintaining a healthy psychophysical response.

How it works

As we grow up, each of us unlearns to live in the moment. Here then, Mindfulness helps to refocus on the present experience: just focus on your breath and maintain an attitude of conscious observation of your thoughts, accepting them as they occur.

The meditation sessions offered by Neocogita’s Mindfulness lab are based on protocols validated by neuroscientific research, the effectiveness of which has already been extensively tested


The stress response in the short term is physiological; but the ability to tolerate tension for prolonged periods needs to be trained.
This is precisely what Mindfulness is for: it makes us more aware of our psycho-physiological responses and helps us develop resilience, i.e. the ability to quickly return to a state of equilibrium despite negative stresses from outside.

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The results are proven: the protocol is neuro-scientifically validated.

BrainWellness™ training also on smartphone

From now on, brain training is even easier!

With the first platform dedicated to Brain Wellness™, your employees can experience Neocogita’s courses for mental and cognitive training directly on the website or via mobile app: at the end of the course, everyone receives an evaluation of their progress.

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